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Do you have old VHS tapes in your loft gathering dust that you can no longer watch?

These tapes deteriorate over time and can even become mouldy if not stored correctly.

Why not have your footage transferred onto either a DVD or USB memory stick? Enabling you to relive old memories and cherish them forever.

The cost for this service is:

Up to 60 minutes of video footage - £12 per tape

60+ minutes of video footage - £15 per tape

For 5 or more tapes on the same order, there is a 5% discount!

Price includes transfer, any editing if required, removal of any gaps, any titles required and put onto a DVD complete with menu and comes in a plastic case with printed cover featuring a title of your choice and/or put on to a USB memory stick*

*Please note there is an additional charge for a USB memory stick. 

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