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  • Customers are to be made aware that all kinds of old tapes may have deteriorated over time. The service I offer is a transfer and not a restoration, while I do my upmost to edit and ensure the best quality is provided I do not restore the tapes. Should the tape be damaged or mouldy, I advise you to seek a professional before requesting a transfer to enable you to achieve the best quality transfer.

  • Please be aware that should a tape be mouldy or damaged then Creating Memories by Rachel takes no responsibility for any damage while trying to transfer the tape and should a tape be in poor condition the quality of the video will more than likely be jumpy in parts or distorted. This will be explained and updated to you at the time of transfer and written permission will be required before the transfer continues.

  • For postal orders there is a minimum of a 2 week turnaround from the date the items are received to the date the items are posted back. All postal orders are aimed to be completed as soon as possible however, sometimes for various factors beyond my control there may be a slight delay. The turnaround time will be advised when the order is made.

  • At the time of any order a turnaround time will be advised and although I do my best to provide a quick turnaround and pride myself on fantastic customer service, sometimes orders may take a little longer. I aim to ensure all my customers are kept up to date at all times. 

  • The best resolution for the size of videos is automatically used, however should you require a specific resolution request, please state this at the time of order as this can affect the price and turnaround time, e.g. 4k


  • USB Memory sticks prices start from £10. Depending on the size of the order you may require more than 1 memory stick.

  • Additional copies of any DVD are available for £7 each. 

  • All footage is kept for 28 days and then deleted. Should you require additional copies please advise me as soon as possible.

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